Cheap Wedding Caterers

Who says an inexpensive buffet can't be an elegant buffet?  "Cheap" is just another word for inexpensive. Whatever your catering budget is, whether your weddng caterer budget calls for a "cheap" or inexpensive buffet, or a more expensive one, we will put out a beautiful, elegant buffet for your wedding.

We specialize in meeting people's food budget, especially for those looking for wedding caterers, regardless of how inexpensive or cheap they need the cost of the food to be.

What controls the per-person price is of course, the type of food, as well as the labor involved to prepare it.

To see our packaged full meal menus click here. Always ask for a quote regardless of the published per-person price. Alot of factors control the per-person price aside from the food.

If you are looking for a finger food buffet click here. We offer a full range of finger food (hors d'oeuvres). Again, always ask for a quote. Although a finger food buffet generally will cost more than full meals, there is a lot of flexibility in the cost, so always ask for a quote.

"Cheap Wedding Caterers" is just another way of saying the caterers are flexible and can meet your budget.