Banana Foster

Try something totally different. Banana Foster is a desert that originated in New Orleans, and cooked table side
using the following ingredients:

Brown Sugar
Banana Liqueur
Served over Vanilla Ice Cream

A very rich and rewarding dessert that will have your guests talking about long after the event is over


Miniature Italian Pastries

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              Order an assortment of these delicious Italian Pastries. Your guests will love you for it!

*Baba A Rum
A pear shaped sweet dough soaked in a rum sugar syrup,
on a bed of fresh seasonal fruit

Black Forest Slice
Chocolate sponge cake soaked with Kirschwasser liqueur (cherry flavored)
And layered with chocolate cream and dark cherries. Decorated with chocolate shavings, sweet whipped cream and cherries.

Crisp pastry shell filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips, candied orange and cocoa. Decorated with powered sugar, whipped cream, ground pistachios and a cherry.

Chocolate Mousse Slice
Rum soaked chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse. Decorated with whipped cream and chocolate shaving.

Copa Grand Mariner
Vanilla sponge cake soaked with Grand Mariner (orange liqueur)
with a Grand Mariner cream and chocolate chucks.
Decorated with whipped cream and chocolate.

Crème Caramel
Light custard flavored with vanilla, lemon and orange.

Puff pastry dough filled with whiped cream and raspberry jam
covered with a chocolate coating.

Italian Cheesecake Slice
Mousse-like cheese cake with a light lomon taste and a vanilla
sponge cake base. Covered with whipped cream and decorated
with fresh seasonal fruit.

Flaky puff pastry with whipped cream, covered with vanilla
and chocolate icing.

Small puff shells filled with marsala wine cream and covered with chocolate agnate. Decorated with whip cream and ground pistachios.

Sacher Torte Slice
Chocolate sponge cake soaked with rum, layered with apricot
preserves and agnate (a mixture of chocolate, butter and cream
almost the consistency of fudge). Coated with chocolate glaze.

Strawberry Mousse Slice
Vanilla sponge cake layered with strawberry mousse. Decorated
with fresh strawberries.

Tira Misu
Rum-soaked vanilla sponge cake topped with a marscapone
cheese and marsala wine cream. Decorated with whipped
and chocolate shavings.

Miniature Fruit Tart
Cookie dough crust with a thin layer of chocolate, filled with a
layer of vanilla pastry cream, decoratively topped with fresh
seasonal fruit.




*All butter pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream
*Carrot cake
*Key lime chiffon pie
*Apple Streusel pie


*New York Style
*Praline Pecan


Chocolate chip
*White chocolate chunk
*Oatmeal and raisin


Miniature Pastries $3.00 Per Person
Cookies  $1.90 Per Person
Cobblers $2.00 Per Person
Tarts  $3.50 Per Person
Cakes & Pies $3.25 Per Person
Cheesecakes $3.95 Per Person
Banana Foster $4.50 Per Person

Advance notice may be required on desserts